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Crime and Consequence in the City

Vancouver Police Car

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Vancouver Police Car

Crime and Consequence in the City

'If it bleeds, it leads.' But the crime is just a story's beginning. A note about the Tyee series starting today.

By Sam Eifling, 28 Sep 2011


Leeside Skate Park

Leeside Skate Park, Lee's Domain

A murdered man's beloved skate-den is now a haven for Vancouver kick-flippers and grinders. First in a series.

By Matthew Robinson, 28 Sep 2011


Meghan Gardiner

'Dissolve': A Show About Date Rape

An unforgettable forgotten night inspired Meghan Gardiner's enduring play, embraced by schools across Canada.

By Chris Reynolds and Aleksandra Sagan, 5 Oct 2011



Was Shelby Tom's Death a Hate Crime?

Advocates say yes. But the fight to include violence against transgender people in hate crime law continues.

By Stephanie Law and Krystle Alarcon, 19 Oct 2011



In Service of Cody's Memory

A tribute scholarship for a young man just like him helped Mark McCormack pursue his dream to serve and protect.

By Natalie Dobbin and Lena Smirnova, 26 Oct 2011



Teaching the Truth About Gangs

After his cousin's murder, Jonathon Wong quit the gangster life and took his story to the classroom.

By Matthew Black and Abhay R. Aryal, 2 Nov 2011


Hate crime victim Aaron Webster

Ten Years After Aaron Webster's Death, What's Changed?

The crime spurred changes among police and in classrooms. There's still far to go, say LGBT advocates.

By Kate Adach and Sam Eifling, 17 Nov 2011