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Sam Eifling

Stories by Sam Eifling


A Tyee Series

Fixing Parole for the Wrongfully Convicted

Countless innocents delay their chance at freedom by refusing to admit guilt. Second of two.

By Sam Eifling, 24 Oct 2013


A Tyee Series

The Innocence Trap

Refusing to admit to a crime he didn't commit may have cost Ivan Henry huge. First of two.

By Sam Eifling, 23 Oct 2013


My US Election Web Spats: An Expat's Tale

As Nov. 6 looms, one man's plea for reasonable political discourse in the social media arena.

By Sam Eifling, 3 Nov 2012


A Tyee Series

Ten Years After Aaron Webster's Death, What's Changed?

The crime spurred changes among police and in classrooms. There's still far to go, say LGBT advocates.

By Kate Adach and Sam Eifling, 17 Nov 2011


Adbusters' Kalle Lasn Talks About OccupyWallStreet

The veteran culture-jammer on his role in getting the protest rolling, magic memes, what he would demand, and more.

By Sam Eifling, 7 Oct 2011


A Tyee Series

Crime and Consequence in the City

'If it bleeds, it leads.' But the crime is just a story's beginning. A note about the Tyee series starting today.

By Sam Eifling, 28 Sep 2011