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Ryan Elias

Ryan Elias has a bachelor of arts in Japanese and Classical Chinese, and a masters of journalism focusing on American political coverage. In his thesis, he examined how academic knowledge is framed and translated into traditional print news coverage of health care in the United States. He has strong suspicions that there is no better life on this planet than that of a food and wine writer, but would be happy to grow old writing freelance.

Reporting beat: Long conversations typically take the place of interviews in Ryan's work.

Connection to B.C.: Ryan was born in Bella Coola, BC, and raised in Victoria and Vancouver.

Stories by Ryan Elias


A Tyee Series

Girl Meets Boy II

Dinner winding down, I ask more about my transgender friends' experience with sex, families and tough criticism. Last of two.

By Ryan Elias, 21 Oct 2011


A Tyee Series

Girl Meets Boy

I always wondered how my transgender friends Amy and Gavin dealt with love, sex, surgery -- everything, really. So I invited them for dinner. First of two.

By Ryan Elias, 20 Oct 2011


Don't jail the Sun Sea migrants, says advocate

By Ryan Elias, 12 Aug 2010


Call to Investigate Forest Camp 'Nightmare'

Workers tell of ordeal as BC Fed demands probe into why protections weren't enforced.

By Ryan Elias, 11 Aug 2010


Fraser River salmon run twice as large as predicted

By Ryan Elias, 7 Aug 2010


Conservatives' planned reforms fail to close lobbying loopholes

By Ryan Elias, 5 Aug 2010


Busking Loose in Vancouver

This is the summer street performers joined to challenge the city's 'no fun' rules. Are they winning?

By Ryan Elias, 5 Aug 2010


Should Bruce Power ship 16,000 tonnes of waste through Ontario?

By Ryan Elias, 4 Aug 2010


Sierra Club accuses feds of misleading public

By Ryan Elias, 30 Jul 2010


Five Essential Eco-thrillers

Nature on the brink is a hot theme for novels right now. The best might have been written in 1851.

By Ryan Elias, 28 Jul 2010


Anti-violence groups critique mediation alternative

By Ryan Elias, 23 Jul 2010


A 'Storybox' Full of Downtown Eastside Voices

Thursdays are for writing at Carnegie Centre. The group's latest collection brims with humour and grit.

By Ryan Elias, 21 Jul 2010


Council to consider boost for Vancouver farmers' markets

By Ryan Elias, 19 Jul 2010


Rae to Fadden: 'Put up or shut up'

By Ryan Elias, 9 Jul 2010