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Marco Procaccini

Marco Procaccini is a Vancouver journalist who contributes to the Columbia Journal and other publications as well as The Tyee.

Stories by Marco Procaccini


Suit against Emerson Explored

Lawyer says floor crossing violates rights of citizens.

By Marco Procaccini, 23 Feb 2006


Squamish Closure Latest in Grim Trend

Amidst 'BC boom', pulp and saw mill jobs vanishing.

By Marco Procaccini, 29 Dec 2005


The BC Economy: Whose Numbers?

How good is our economy, and who is it good for? Facts you may not have seen on TV.

By Marco Procaccini, 12 May 2005


We Need Honesty on Economy

B.C. Liberals and friendly media paint a rosy picture, but the statistics show our province in decline.

By Marco Procaccini, 3 Sep 2004


Debate over 'Sizzle' in B.C.'s Economy

Employment and savings stats fuel doubts about latest optimistic claims.

By Marco Procaccini, 14 Jul 2004


B.C. Seniors Push Romanow's Health Agenda

A worried seniors group is rallying others to keep health care public and universal in B.C.

By Marco Procaccini, 1 Jun 2004


Rethink Pensions, Save Air Canada

Corporations rue the risk of investing employees' pensions: that's Victor Li's problem with Air Canada. Here's a solution fair to workers.

By Marco Procaccini, 6 Apr 2004


Time for a Patients' Bill of Rights?

B.C.'s nurses say we need one. The government says we don't.

By Marco Procaccini, 19 Mar 2004