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Laura Kane

Stories by Laura Kane


A Tyee Series

Seven Easy Steps to Becoming a Juno Nominee

TYEE LIST #8: Your guide to Canadian music stardom! Hint: channel Anne Murray.

By Laura Kane, 31 Mar 2012


Vancouver, Haven for Ireland's Young?

Fleeing gloomy job prospects in the Eurozone, Irish migrants search for home in BC.

By Laura Kane, 17 Mar 2012


Hey 'Comic Book Men,' Where Am I?

I flicked on Kevin Smith's new show expecting to see my geek peeps, but the frames were alien to a woman like me.

By Laura Kane, 25 Feb 2012


Girls Gone Geek in Vancouver

Take in a night of 'nerdlesque,' a burlesque bonanza for the cerebral crowd.

By Laura Kane, 10 Feb 2012