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The Tyee's Saturday Lists!

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                                    Love it or list it?

The Tyee's Saturday List is back! Lists of what? Lists of Ryan Gosling romance tips! Or lists of what not to say the the Vancouver Canucks' Sedin twins. Or whatever else we feel like.

Here's a list:

1. Think of your own list.

2. Write it down.

3. Send it to us, here, subject line LIST.

Because we know you can do better than this one.

In This Series


Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

Three Ryan Gosling Pickup Techniques that Don't Work in Real Life

TYEE LIST #1: Tried, tested, and devastatingly untrue. Gosling!

By Jesse Donaldson, 11 Feb 2012


Canucks' Sedin brothers

Ten Things Never to Say to the Sedins

TYEE LIST #2: Prepare yourself for a chance run-in with Vancouver Canuck twins Hank and Danny.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Feb 2012



Five Must-Visit Gems Within One Mile of Woodward's

TYEE LIST #3: It's Zoe Li's business to know everything happening around Vancouver's Big W.

By Zoe Li, 25 Feb 2012



Five Renovation Truths for the DIY Enthusiast

TYEE LIST #4: East Van's Lez Renovate's top home makeover tips. Crack out the safety googles.

By Jacqueline Gullion, 3 Mar 2012


Cuddle party on the couch

Six Rules of the Cuddle Party

TYEE LIST #5: Wisdoms from a night spent nuzzling others. Skeptics welcome.

By Colleen Kimmett, 10 Mar 2012


The Noise Floor studio in Ladysmith, BC

Five Survival Tips for Making a Record in Ladysmith

TYEE LIST #6: Punk rock lives at a small town BC studio. But musicians, be prepared.

By Geoff Dembicki, 17 Mar 2012


James Macintyre, poet

Canada's Five Worst Poets: Are You Number Six?

TYEE LIST #7: C'mon, show us you can write verse that's even worse!

By Crawford Kilian, 24 Mar 2012


Live music onstage

Seven Easy Steps to Becoming a Juno Nominee

TYEE LIST #8: Your guide to Canadian music stardom! Hint: channel Anne Murray.

By Laura Kane, 31 Mar 2012


Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Ten Novels Every Aspiring Writer Should Read

TYEE LIST #9: Put down that pen and curl up with these giants.

By Crawford Kilian, 7 Apr 2012


Texting teens

Three Customs of the West Coast Friend

TYEE LIST #10: How to protect our famously aloof relationship style.

By Jesse Donaldson, 14 Apr 2012