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Lani Russwurm

Lani Russwurm lives, works, and is raising a daughter in the Downtown Eastside. He has an MA in history from Simon Fraser University and runs Past Tense, a local history blog.

Stories by Lani Russwurm


Ten Intoxicating Moments in Vancouver History

Launchpad of a nation's war on drugs. Land of drunk driving steamships. And much more.

By Lani Russwurm, 21 Dec 2013


Harm Reduction, '50s Style

The push for enlightened drug reform in Vancouver is 50 years old. Government crushed it then, as it wants to now.

By Lani Russwurm, 25 Aug 2008


'The Dope Craze that's Terrorizing Vancouver'

The long, true history of hard drugs in Canada's poorest neighbourhood.

By Lani Russwurm, 13 Aug 2008