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L. Ian MacDonald

Stories by L. Ian MacDonald


NDP Shows Tories How to Pick a Leader Without Boring People to Death

So far, we’ve seen some solid debating.

By L. Ian MacDonald, 14 Jun 2017


Tories' Salmon Gaffe Part of Awkward Off-Message Streak

It's not your first election, Mr. Harper. Why are you screwing it up?

By L. Ian MacDonald, 28 Aug 2015


Surplus or Deficit, Harper Budget Still Pre-Election Theatre

Sorry, Captain Economy. Spin won't make a recession go away.

By L. Ian MacDonald, 29 Jul 2015


Six Embarrassments Harper Could Have Dodged with May Election

Orange Alberta, Del Mastro in chains and four more Conservative miscalculations.

By L. Ian MacDonald, 6 Jul 2015


'Nice Hair, Though': The Ad War Takes Shape

New Harper, Trudeau, and Mulcair spots offer clues to the tactics. What's your take?

By L. Ian MacDonald, 28 May 2015