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Kevin Washbrook

Kevin Washbrook is a director of Voters Taking Action on Climate Change.

Stories by Kevin Washbrook


Why Are People Cheering Alberta's Climate Plan?

Notley didn't slay province's CO2 dragon. She blinked, aiding pipelines and bitumen.

By Kevin Washbrook, 16 Dec 2015


VIEW: Unions, please rethink support for expanded Surrey coal exports

By Kevin Washbrook, 3 Feb 2014


VIEW: Like whaling, BC's coal industry is best put behind us

By David Green and Kevin Washbrook, 19 Mar 2013


Why We Stopped the Coal Train

And why risking arrest was the right thing to do. An account from the railway tracks.

By Kevin Washbrook, 9 May 2012


Let's Create a Positive Climate

Carbon taxes and global warming: winning the battle, losing the war?

By Kevin Washbrook, 16 Jun 2008