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Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow

Stories by Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow


How's that New Communist Manifesto Coming?

Meet Ernie Peshkov-Chow whose book asks: What would Karl do?

By Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow, 9 Aug 2013


Yelling Back at the Radio

One working guy's rant not likely to get through on the call-in shows.

By Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow, 13 Jan 2011


Nobody Likes a Puck Hog

And other political lessons hockey teaches but we've forgotten.

By Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow, 6 Jan 2011


Stocks? I'll Take My Chances at the Casino

At least I can see what happens when I gamble my hard-earned money.

By Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow, 30 Dec 2010


'We Are the World' Could Be about Canada

We could make global history, if enough of us stop our divisive fretting about immigration.

By Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow, 16 Dec 2010