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Clark Williams-Derry

Stories by Clark Williams-Derry


VIEW: New forecasts, same delusions for Port Mann Bridge

By Clark Williams-Derry, 14 Feb 2014


VIEW: Wall Street unwilling to bet on risky northwest coal

By Clark Williams-Derry, 8 Jan 2014


TransLink's Gasoline Problem

Transit agency's budget woes stem from its dependence on cars.

By Clark Williams-Derry, 11 Oct 2013


Transit Geeks Rejoice!

Not only does Vancouver crush Portland and Seattle, but proving it involves nifty analysis and charts.

By Clark Williams-Derry, 19 Jul 2012


Smaller SUV, Safer Ride

Study shows truck-like vehicles don't best protect their drivers, and cause more mayhem when crashed.

By Clark Williams-Derry, 17 Jan 2011


Smaller Families, Later: What It Means for BC

For first time since 1930, women over 40 more likely to give birth than teens.

By Clark Williams-Derry, 16 Aug 2010


Vancouver Versus Portland, Round Two

A Seattle-based livable cities wonk jumps into the middle of the debate.

By Clark Williams-Derry, 15 Sep 2009


The 'New PCB'

Flame retardant toxins show up in BC mothers' bodies.

By Clark Williams-Derry, 31 Aug 2005

So You Want to Buy a Prius

Great car, but run the numbers. There may be more cost efficient ways to cut pollution.

By Clark Williams-Derry, 25 Jan 2005