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Christopher Cheung

Stories by Christopher Cheung


A ‘Priority Lane’ for New Affordable Housing?

Based on other cities’ experience, it could cut the time it takes to open doors in Vancouver by more than half.

By Christopher Cheung, Yesterday


Easing BC’s Housing Crunch: Where the Parties Stand

From tax credits to renter rebates, parties unveil strategies to increase affordability.

By Christopher Cheung and Katie Hyslop, 14 Apr 2017


Coalition Pushing New Housing Solutions for BC

Landlords, non-profits, co-ops and allies unite to make housing an election issue.

By Christopher Cheung, 11 Apr 2017


Take a Video Tour of Vancouver’s ‘Missing Middle’ Housing Projects

Creative thinking, relaxed zoning inspire buildings that add density to neighbourhoods — without adding towers.

By Christopher Cheung, 27 Mar 2017


Housing ‘the Largest Single Commitment’ in Morneau’s Budget

But funding falls short of homelessness needs.

By Christopher Cheung, Katie Hyslop, Stefania Seccia and Chris Wood, 22 Mar 2017


Should Developers Pay to ‘Ride’ the Benefits of Transit?

Where transit goes, land values rise. Should cities and the public get a share?

By Christopher Cheung, 7 Mar 2017


The Big Give: How Owners Got Rich, and Renters Didn’t

These nine graphs show how government widened the wealth gap between Canadians who rent, and Canadians who own a home.

By Christopher Pollon, Christopher Cheung and Chris Wood, 22 Feb 2017


Should Old Rental Buildings Be Saved — or Sacrificed?

A building boom decades ago is still housing half of Canada’s tenants. But time is running out on a generation of apartment buildings.

By Christopher Cheung, 14 Feb 2017


BC Landlords Group Wants Members to ‘Rent It Right’

New registry tests landlords on knowledge of tenants’ rights and their own obligations.

By Christopher Cheung, 18 Jan 2017


Should Developers Meet Quotas for Affordable Housing Units?

‘Inclusionary zoning’ has worked in US cities, but is tricky to get right.

By Christopher Cheung, 13 Jan 2017


Tracking the Changes on the Evergreen Line

The Tyee rides the rails to see how transit changes communities and lives.

By Christopher Cheung, 28 Dec 2016


Fleeing Million Dollar Vancouver? Your Suburban Life May Cost Just as Much

Urbanist Andy Yan’s latest study reveals the cost burden of transportation.

By Christopher Cheung, 21 Dec 2016


‘Rent Banks’ Offer Loans to Tide You Over

Municipalities and non-profits sponsor help for some when homelessness looms.

By Christopher Cheung, 13 Dec 2016


In Vancouver, a Teacher Helps Students Climb to New Heights

That’s how Trevor Stokes’s class reached the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

By Christopher Cheung, 5 Dec 2016


The Key to a Family-Friendly City? Family-Sized Housing

Fully functioning cities need families too. Here’s how they can attract and keep them.

By Christopher Cheung, 25 Nov 2016


Documenting ‘The Peace in Peril’: A Q&A with Christopher Pollon

The story behind the story. Book launches this week in Vancouver.

By Christopher Cheung, 14 Nov 2016


‘They’re Angry Because We’re Failing Them’: Cities Share Tensions at Housing Summit

Experts from Toronto, San Francisco, New York say they need help from those up top.

By Christopher Cheung, 27 Oct 2016


Abandon the Dream Home, This Prof Says. You’ll Be Happier

UBC’s Nathanael Lauster urges city dwellers to shake off their ‘house addiction.’

By Christopher Cheung, 24 Oct 2016


The Future Is Cities. Can Countries Adapt?

UN conference born in Vancouver draws thousands to Ecuador to take another run at creating a ‘right to the city.’

By Christopher Cheung, 17 Oct 2016


In Praise of Chinese Food ‘Heroes’

What I learned in Brooklyn visiting Chris Cheung, my dumpling doppelganger.

By Christopher Cheung, 13 Oct 2016


Burnaby Boom: From Bedroom ‘Burb to Growing City

Vancouver’s neighbour finally evolving into its role at the geographic centre of the region.

By Christopher Cheung, 30 Aug 2016


Burnaby Boom: ‘Inevitable’ Redevelopment Leaves Renters Insecure

Mayor concedes affordable housing will be lost, but says he’s hamstrung by senior governments. Part one of two.

By Christopher Cheung, 29 Aug 2016


‘Faulty’ Towers? Battle Brews over Vibe of Commercial Drive

Coalition of 28 Vancouver groups want city to delay Grandview-Woodland community plan for more consultation.

By Christopher Cheung, 10 Aug 2016


‘Ethnoburbs’: The New Face of Immigrant Cities

Old settlement patterns have reversed, but old problems of adaptation remain.

By Christopher Cheung, 5 Aug 2016


Vancouver Is Home, Must I Leave?

Staying in the city where I grew up isn’t just about money, it’s about love.

By Christopher Cheung, 1 Aug 2016


Tyee Readers, You’re an Interesting Bunch

We thought we knew you. Turns out, you’re a life-saving, sheep-shearing, rather complex crew.

By Christopher Cheung, 25 Jul 2016


Special Video Feature: Meet a Dance Machine Master

At 15, Wayland Chin fell in heart-pounding, sweat-inducing love. With DDR.

By Christopher Cheung, 16 Jun 2016


Special Video Feature: Underground Chef Reveals All!

Spend some time with Ronsar Lo, whose basement is a 'pop-up eatery.'

By Christopher Cheung, 2 Jun 2016


Meet the Colorado Firefighters on Front Lines of Climate Change

Doc captures experience of facing bigger, hotter, more surprising infernos.

By Christopher Cheung, 13 May 2016


Experts Grade Premier's Forestry Teaching Moment

Clark 'educates' kids by threatening their families' livelihoods. Real educators say that's not how it's done.

By Christopher Cheung, 15 Apr 2016


Meet the Real Estate Duo Answering Vancouver Prayers

No, not housing prayers. These guys sell most of Metro Van's churches.

By Christopher Cheung, 12 Feb 2016


Vancouver's Hapa Festival, All Grown Up

From one generation to another, an identity conversation continues.

By Christopher Cheung, 3 Sep 2015


This Ain't Your Grandparents' Sunday Worship

Old god, new tricks? In Vancouver, plugged-in (even gluten-free) churches grow while Christianity declines.

By Christopher Cheung, 17 Aug 2015


'How Heavy Is Your Cannon?'

Tyee asks cosplayers what you've always wondered at Vancouver anime convention.

By Christopher Cheung, 15 Aug 2015


Cheap Rentals Near Transit Hubs Face Wave of Demolition

Metro Van density plans invite wrecking ball to three lower-income neighbourhoods.

By Christopher Cheung, 12 Aug 2015


Why Racism in Vancouver's Housing Debate Can't Be Ignored

In absence of data, Chinese blamed and shamed for affordability crisis.

By Christopher Cheung, 7 Aug 2015


In Vancouver's Port Land Makeover, Industry Takes a Blow

In the scramble for residential land, should industrial areas be sacrificed?

By Christopher Cheung, 3 Aug 2015


'I'm Extremely Lucky': Life as a Wildly BC Photographer

Meet Jeremy Koreski, who's built a career capturing the thrill of the outdoors.

By Christopher Cheung, 11 Jul 2015


'Is It Going to Help My Immigration?'

Buying a business was a fast track for foreigners into BC. Will it be again?

By Christopher Cheung, 26 Jun 2015


'Hot and Noisy': The Communal Power of Mahjong

In Vancouver's fast shifting Chinatown, an ancient game is open to all.

By Christopher Cheung, 25 Jun 2015


As Steveston's Japanese Community Shrinks, Its History Grows

Fishing heritage lives on at newly-reopened benevolent society museum.

By Christopher Cheung, 20 Jun 2015


In Shaughnessy, New Heritage District to Halt Character Home Demolitions

Elite neighbourhood first to protect pre-1940 houses.

By Christopher Cheung, 17 Jun 2015


Vancouver's Lively Street Market Has Big Expansion Plans

Downtown Eastside's busy bazaar is not without controversy, and the odd unusual ware.

By Christopher Cheung, 16 Jun 2015