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Jackie Wong


Jackie Wong is a freelance writer in Vancouver. She has reported widely on social justice and equality issues. She is a former editor of Megaphone, a social enterprise that publishes a magazine to provide meaningful work to people experiencing poverty, and a former Tyee Solutions Society housing reporter. She is on the board of directors of the Hua Foundation, a non-profit connecting Asian-Canadian youth with cultural heritage and social change.

Stories by Jackie Wong


She Survived BC’s Overdose Crisis, but 49 Friends Did Not

After a long battle with addiction, Jolene Greyeyes found a way out. But the mourning doesn’t stop.

By Jackie Wong, 5 Jun 2017


Loved Ones Lost: ‘I Want This Time to Teach You’

An addicted daughter’s words became her mother’s work. Last in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 26 May 2017


Loved Ones Lost: Death of a Downtown Poet

Mel Hennan drew a community to him with his art, activism and cheerful embrace of life.

By Jackie Wong, 19 May 2017


Loved Ones Lost: Tears for Marnie

She survived racism, violence, and homelessness but not BC’s overdose crisis. Part of a series.

By Jackie Wong, 15 May 2017


Loved Ones Lost: An Oil Driller’s Struggle

Ryan knew he was fortunate to have his family’s support. Then luck turned cruel. First in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 5 May 2017


Drug Users, Advocates Demand Faster Action on Overdose Crisis

Responses ramping up, but with more than 1,000 dead treatment options still limited.

By Jackie Wong, 21 Feb 2017


Five Ways to Stop BC’s Overdose Drug Deaths Now

Stopping the drug war and improving housing access is key. Part of a series.

By Jackie Wong, 28 Jan 2017


The Overdose Crisis: We Know How to Save Lives, Doctors Say

From an Albertan reserve to Vancouver’s inner city, caregivers share solutions for turning the tide. Part of a series.

By Jackie Wong, 27 Jan 2017


An Urgent Call on Overdose Crisis: Prescribe Drugs, End Prohibition

Simply put, ‘fentanyl is a product of our drug policies.’ Second in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 26 Jan 2017


In Throes of Overdose Crisis, a Community Unites to Fight Back

Meet the people on the front lines of a public health emergency, and the solutions they seek. First in a new series.

By Jackie Wong, 25 Jan 2017


Vancouver's Housing Angst a Fraught Climate for Newcomers

Sense of 'home' questioned and complicated for migrant and homegrown Chinese.

By Jackie Wong, 2 Mar 2016


In Medicine Hat, Homelessness Is (Almost) Over

How a conservative mayor changed his mind on Housing First. BC events next week.

By Jackie Wong, 25 Apr 2015


Three Unexpectedly Brilliant Holiday Specials

We all know the classics but these warm a special place in our hearts. What have we missed?

By Geoff D'Auria, Katie Hyslop and Jackie Wong, 24 Dec 2013


Retirement Savings Could Jump-start Victoria Affordable Housing

Redirect RRSP investments into local projects, and re-engage progressive citizens.

By Jackie Wong, 20 Dec 2013


Affordable Housing: Some Parts Just Aren't City Hall's Job

Vancouver councillor and new housing officer call for clarity, and candour, on housing file.

By Jackie Wong, 17 Dec 2013


The Quiet Agony of the Landlord

For property owners in BC, it's hard to stay in the game.

By Jackie Wong, 5 Dec 2013


More Lower Mainland Rental Housing, but For Whom?

New developments won't much help affordability without deeper system change, says planner.

By Jackie Wong, 2 Dec 2013


To Help Vulnerable Renters, Boost Housing Literacy

'Ready to Rent BC' gives Vancouver Island residents the keys to a great tenancy.

By Jackie Wong, 26 Nov 2013


Generation Rent: The Secret to a Great Rental Home

A visit to San Fran and my new place revealed it. Last in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 18 Oct 2013


Generation Rent: Urban Facelifts Serve the Well-Heeled

Do nicer neighbourhoods price residents out of their homes? Third in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 17 Oct 2013


Generation Rent: San Francisco's Citizen Tenants

Why does San Fran's tenant majority have so much more clout than Vancouver's? Second in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 16 Oct 2013


Generation Rent: Cities of Renters

While Vancouver worships homeowners, San Francisco tenants are first-class citizens. First in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 15 Oct 2013


Infographic: Cities of Renters, Vancouver vs. San Francisco

How two West Coast housing markets stack up. Part of a series.

By Jackie Wong and April Alayon, 15 Oct 2013


A Home for Refugees 'Caught In-Between'

One-of-a-kind Welcome House centre could offer stable shelter for marginalized newcomers. Last in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 25 Jul 2013


Fleeing Danger, Refugee Shelter-Seekers Find Exploitation

One Victoria non-profit's efforts to assist vulnerable renters offers hope. Third in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 24 Jul 2013


Bonded by Shared Horrors, Refugees Find Housing Solutions

An exceptional Achehnese community in BC works towards prosperity. Second in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 23 Jul 2013


Safer from Violence, Still Seeking a Home

Secure shelter is hard to find for BC refugees. First in a new series.

By Jackie Wong, 22 Jul 2013


'Community Land Trust': Vancouver's Affordable Housing Fix?

New rental units on city-owned land earn mixed reviews.

By Jackie Wong, 12 Jun 2013


Brewing Character: Vancouver's Indie cafés, Mapped

Where they cluster, and where they're absent, says much about our city's culture and community.

By Jackie Wong, 18 May 2013


Mental health and addictions debate ends in odd consensus

By Jackie Wong, 8 May 2013


One Last Walk with Judy Graves

City of Vancouver's only full-time advocate for the homeless to retire in May.

By Jackie Wong, 12 Apr 2013


For Chinese Speaking Seniors, Better Service in San Francisco and Toronto

Two innovative, holistic models that put culture and community first. Last in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 4 Apr 2013


'A Drop in the Bucket': Housing for Chinese Speaking Seniors

As Vancouver's Chinatown transforms, need grows for projects like the Simon K.Y. Lee Home for the elderly.

By Jackie Wong, 3 Apr 2013


Old, Alone and Victims of Racism in Downtown Eastside

Service providers call for more culturally specific services. Second in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 2 Apr 2013


Vancouver's 'Old' Chinatown: Still Here

As the city's neighbourhood 'revitalizes,' its Chinese-speaking seniors struggle for support. First in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 1 Apr 2013


Panel debates solutions to BC rental insecurity at housing conference

By Jackie Wong, 14 Mar 2013


'Gentrification and the City' lectures aim to educate and expand horizons

By Jackie Wong, 6 Mar 2013


Increasingly, Vancouver's Pidgin restaurant is focal point for BC social housing push

By Jackie Wong, 1 Mar 2013


With Vancouver real estate at $206 per cubic foot, Cube Living's $1 sale is a steal

By Jackie Wong, 21 Feb 2013


Buying Vancouver Space One Cubic Foot at a Time

With a wink, Cube Living promises hyper-dense real estate ownership for all.

By Jackie Wong, 20 Feb 2013


Affordable Homes Crunch: Experts See Opportunities

Lower Mainland could be lab for innovative financing, planning, say Buildex panelists.

By Jackie Wong, 15 Feb 2013


Five Ideas to Make Vancouver More Affordable

Housing experts weigh in ahead of Buildex keynote panel on Feb. 14.

By Jackie Wong, 11 Feb 2013


Alcohol Harm Reduction Goes Mainstream

Stigmas around illicit drinking no longer stop people from receiving support. Last in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 23 Mar 2012


Harm Reduction: Will it Snowball?

Not if Canada's drug policy continues to pit evidence against ideology, advocates say. Second in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 22 Mar 2012


Lively mayoral housing debate visited by Occupy Vancouver

By Jackie Wong, 8 Nov 2011


Home Ownership in Vancouver: Out of Reach?

World renowned housing expert Avi Friedman has hope. But improving affordable housing access will take 'radical rethinking.'

By Jackie Wong, 30 Sep 2011


Landlords and Tenants Agree: Market Can't Fix Itself

Policy ideas for dealing with rental crunch. Last in an investigative series funded by Tyee readers.

By Jackie Wong, 12 Aug 2011


Inside BC's Secretive Landlord-Tenant Dispute Process

Arbitration sounds simple and fair, but sources say it can be anything but. Fourth in a series funded by Tyee readers.

By Jackie Wong, 11 Aug 2011


Landlords See a High Price to Cheap Rent

Let costs rise without rents keeping pace? That's how you make a housing crunch, say targets of 'renoviction' protests. Third in a Tyee reader funded series.

By Jackie Wong, 10 Aug 2011


Thrown Out: Fight Grinds on Against 'Renovictions'

'The system is broken' say renter advocates who claim they're trapped in endless legal battles with landlords. Second in a Tyee reader-funded series.

By Jackie Wong, 9 Aug 2011


No Room to Rent in the Livable City

Can Vancouver turn the tide on 'renovictions' and keep housing affordable? First in a series funded by Tyee readers.

By Jackie Wong, 8 Aug 2011


Herbert wins in Vancouver-West End

By Jackie Wong, 12 May 2009


West End candidates square off over rental act, hospital

By Jackie Wong, 4 May 2009


Market catches up to long-term tenants; rents to rise 38 percent

By Jackie Wong, 24 Apr 2009


Vanoc violating Olympic commitments: IOCC

By Jackie Wong, 19 Apr 2009


Vancouver parties release park board plans

By Jackie Wong, 12 Nov 2008


CUPE 15 sues Vancouver park board over in-camera decision

By Jackie Wong, 12 Nov 2008


Vancouver voters seek shelter in NDP; homelessness a top concern

By Jackie Wong, 30 Oct 2008


Youth debate tall on fun, short on substance

By Jackie Wong, 28 Oct 2008


Renters rally for right of refusal after renovations

By Jackie Wong, 27 Oct 2008


By-election candidates forgo sleep to reach voters all night long

By Jackie Wong, 24 Oct 2008


Demographics key to NDP, Liberal by-election chances

By Jackie Wong, 23 Oct 2008


Fry voters up for grabs in Vancouver-Burrard

By Jackie Wong, 20 Oct 2008


Fry fends off Mayencourt to win Vancouver Centre

By Jackie Wong, 14 Oct 2008


Homelessness not an issue for Vancouver parks: NPA

By Jackie Wong, 3 Oct 2008


Ladner, Robertson show differences in first public debate

By Jackie Wong, 2 Oct 2008


New alliances spout in wake of COPE-Vision deal

By Jackie Wong, 16 Sep 2008


Is It Wrong to Like Celine Dion?

Author Carl Wilson on taste: good, bad and snobbish.

By Jackie Wong, 10 Jan 2008


Better Than Famous

Hal Niedzviecki on how to beat pop culture at its own game.

By Jackie Wong, 13 Jun 2007


Remember High School Choir Practice?

New Vancouver group's fun, awkward, nostalgic sounds.

By Jackie Wong, 5 Apr 2007


Listen to This!

Baba Brinkman's Lit Hop.

By Jackie Wong, 1 Mar 2007


Listen to This!

New indie, roots-down Pawnshop Diamond.

By Jackie Wong, 25 Jan 2007


Listen to This!

The Awkward Stage's nostalgic, teen angsty "The Morons Are Winning."

By Jackie Wong, 14 Dec 2006


Listen To This!

The sounds of Vancouver's 'Pride & Joy'

By Jackie Wong, 4 Aug 2006


Listen To This!

Vancouver band, Fond of Tigers.

By Jackie Wong, 21 Jul 2006


Afrodizz Explained

'The main idea is to get people to dance.'

By Jackie Wong, 12 Jul 2006