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Kerrigan’s Countdown Takes on ‘Vickileaks,’ a.k.a. the BC Liberals’ ‘Hacking’ Allegations

Check out this local satirist’s take on recent BC politics weirdness.

Submitted by Tyee Staff, 3 Mar 2017


It was the stuff of any prime-time political drama, full of juicy details. Hackers. “Malicious intent.” Breaking the law. Allegations that political opponents are attempting to “subvert our democratic process.” It was better than TV. In fact, it was starting to sound a lot like an American-style election scandal (without the Russians).

At least, this was the version told to the B.C. public by Premier Christy Clark, as she alleged the provincial NDP had hacked into the BC Liberals’ website. But, as it turned out, that never happened. The Liberal narrative turned out to be false, and Clark apologized.

The problem, as B.C. news satirist John Kerrigan points out in this video, is that this isn’t the first time the governing Liberals have overreacted when it comes to alleged data breaches, a factor in the firing of seven health ministry employees in 2012.

Linda Kayfish, the sister of one of the former B.C. government employees, spoke out recently in response to this most recent set of allegations. Her brother, Harold Roderick MacIsaac, took his own life after he was fired by the B.C. government. Some of the fired employees were rehired and five wrongful dismissal and defamation lawsuits were settled out of court.

“Again you go making false accusations about fictional data breaches,” Kayfish wrote in an email to the premier. “Again you say it was unlawful and going to be reported to the authorities. But it turns out it was nothing of the sort.”

John Kerrigan takes this story on in his “Ledgehammer” segment on Kerrigan’s Countdown, a Colbert-esque take on the news, B.C. style. Kerrigan is a Global News staffer doing his satirical takes on the side of his desk. Read more about him here.

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