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Mario Canseco

Mario Canseco

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23rd + 24th

Tyee Master Classes 2013 Proudly Presents Polling & Public Opinion
with Mario Canseco

What will I learn?

From research and strategy to analysis and interpretation, Mario Canseco takes you through the polling process and helps you understand what questions to ask and what the resulting data mean. By designing your own questionnaires in class, you'll benefit from hands-on tutorials for surveying and sampling and Mario will guide you through the tools to interpret the findings. He'll also tackle the challenges and criticisms aimed at polling and suggest important strategies for conveying results - to clients and to the public. After two solid days of polling workshops, we guarantee that 20 out of 20 students will be satisfied!

Who's it for?

This class is aimed at NGOs; small business owners & employees; corporations; associations; political parties, pundits & politicos; and journalists. This course is designed to be flexible and relevant for all skill levels.

What should I bring?


Who is Mario?

Mario Canseco is Vice President at Angus Reid Public Opinion and is responsible for designing survey questionnaires on a wide range of sociological and political issues. Mario has followed more than 100 legislative and presidential elections around the world, granting hundreds of interviews to discuss poll results and provide commentary about international politics. His articles on international politics have appeared in numerous publications, including Time, the Vancouver Sun, the Ottawa Citizen, the Latin American Advisor, The Tyee, Vancouver Magazine,La Razon and the Huffington Post.

Mario has worked in the election teams for all the democratic processes that have been covered by Angus Reid using its unique online methodology, including the 2008 and 2011 Canadian Federal Elections, and the 2012 United States Presidential Election.

Mario holds an MJ from the University of British Columbia, and a BA in Communication from Mexico City's Universidad Iberoamericana. He is also a contributing editor of Vancouver Magazine and a board member of the Monarca Canada Foundation and the Focus Foundation of British Columbia.

Polling & Public Opinion
Mario Canseco
Saturday, March 23rd & Sunday, March 24th
10am - 3pm
The Tyee's Vancouver Newsroom
Includes coffee and lunch both days, with reception to follow after 3pm
$375 + HST two day workshop

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