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Stan Persky

Stan Persky teaches philosophy at Capilano University in North Vancouver, B.C. He's also the author of many books, including: Reading the 21st Century: Books of the Decade, 2000-2009 (McGill-Queen's, 2011); Robin Blaser (New Star, 2010; with Brian Fawcett); and The Short Version: An ABC Book (New Star, 2005; winner of the Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize). He is the recipient of the 2010 B.C. Lieutenant-Governor's Award for Literary Excellence.

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Stories by Stan Persky


My Dinner with a Prophet of the New World Disorder

An excerpt from Stan Persky's new book 'Post-Communist Stories.'

By Stan Persky, 15 Nov 2014


Gay Writers' Golden Era and the Power of Voice

Notes on Christopher Bram's 'Eminent Outlaws' and the love that dared to write its name.

By Stan Persky, 3 Aug 2012


Two and Nine-Tenths Cheers for Civil Liberties!

The BC Civil Liberties Association turns 50 this week. A supporter celebrates, recognizing some limits, too.

By Stan Persky, 29 May 2012


Gunter Grass's Inflammatory Poem

What happened when the German Nobel prize winner criticized Israel's stance on Iran.

By Stan Persky, 24 Apr 2012


Are Universities Roping in Too Many Students?

'Professor X' writes a fun account of toiling on the academic farm. But his thin-the-herd thesis needs polishing.

By Stan Persky, 16 Sep 2011


Tom Rachman's Hilarious Goodbye to Newspapers

'Stop the presses' used to be the reporter's cry of joy. Now it's a memo from accounting.

By Stan Persky, 23 Feb 2011


World Economy: That Sinking Feeling

Three top US economists say nothing's really been fixed. But where's the political will to do what's needed?

By Stan Persky, 14 Jul 2010


Letter from Berlin: Ashes to Ashes

As I mourned a personal hero lost in the Polish plane crash, volcanic dust taught us about business and morality.

By Stan Persky, 23 Apr 2010


'Empire of Illusion'

America is a defeated dream ruled by oligarchs who tame the populace through fakery, writes Chris Hedges. How real is his nightmare?

By Stan Persky, 12 Mar 2010


Sex and the Grad Student

Nino Ricci's portrait of a young, brainy boobie. Worth the acclaim?

By Stan Persky, 25 Mar 2009


'Vancouver: A Poem'

George Stanley's remarkable, conflicted ode to his 'city of death, city of friends'.

By Stan Persky, 26 Feb 2009


Can Paul Krugman Save Us?

The Nobel Prize economist would, for now, nationalize the banks.

By Stan Persky, 27 Jan 2009


How Dumb Can You Get?

Is the young book reader going extinct? Does it matter?

By Stan Persky, 20 Aug 2008


Jean-Luc Godard in Two Reels

He reinvented film for 'children of Marx and Coca-Cola'. Then we ignored him.

By Stan Persky, 7 Aug 2008


Don't Forget the 20th Century

Tony Judt's tough history lessons for Israel, Tony Blair and Washington's deluded warriors.

By Stan Persky, 21 Jul 2008


A 'D' for Margaret Wente

Why she is wrong that too many kids go to college.

By Stan Persky, 23 Jun 2008


The Urge to Burn Books

Notes on the Nazi bonfire, 75 years later.

By Stan Persky, 12 May 2008


Seeking Six of Six Million Murdered

This book is for the living; the dead don't need it.

By Stan Persky, 8 May 2008


'The Age of American Unreason'

New book argues that the US state of mind is irrational, dumbed down. How about ours?

By Stan Persky, 29 Apr 2008


Richard Rorty's Brilliant Gift

He gave us this: We can't know truth. But we can press for justice.

By Stan Persky, 3 Oct 2007


Political Riot? Send in the Clowns

Notes on media, violence, and the G-8 demo in Rostock.

By Stan Persky, 6 Jun 2007


Why We Still Bother To Read Novels

Simple pleasure, book club pressure or life explained?

By Stan Persky, 23 Mar 2007


Bad Science Serves Bad Ideas

A Vancouver author's book shows Nazi thinking on race remains surprisingly relevant today.

By Stan Persky, 8 Aug 2006


Right Now, Berlin is a Kick

Postcard from World Cup-fevered Germany.

By Stan Persky, 19 Jun 2006


The Web of Disappearances

We must start connecting our astonishing losses of both culture and nature, argues Terry Glavin.

By Stan Persky, 13 Jun 2006


Blind Man's Bluff

My friend's fading sight left him with irony or suicide. He chose to write.

By Stan Persky, 15 May 2006


Harper's Tough Sell for 'Change'

Oddly, he can't afford to really say what he'd change.

By Stan Persky, 16 Dec 2005


God's 'Intelligent Design' in the Classroom? Why Not?

Why I don't agree we should teach evolution, pure and simple.

By Stan Persky, 6 Sep 2005


The Marriage 'Saviours'

Be real. They’re not against same sex marriage. They’re fighting same sex sex.

By Stan Persky, 31 Jan 2005

Mr. Peanut Sees the World

The cartoony ad icon pops up in famous places, thanks to Vincent Trasov's absurdist pen

By Stan Persky, 8 Jun 2004