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Peter Ewart

Stories by Peter Ewart


Big Job for NDP: End Decades of Disempowerment in BC’s Interior

Returning control over resources and benefits to rural workers and communities should be top of list.

By Peter Ewart, 26 Jul 2017


In Prince George, a Tight Race as Tough Issues Loom

Candidates strive to distance selves from outgoing pro-business regime's fiascos.

By Peter Ewart, 14 Nov 2014


Kitimat Refinery Project Demands Transparency

David Black's gambit is turning into a big election issue, but what do we know about its financial backers?

By Peter Ewart, 19 Mar 2013


Did You Notice? Jobs Minister Just Called Canadians Lazy

Finley's EI views slander our work ethic.

By Peter Ewart and Dawn Hemingway, 9 Feb 2009


STV Gives Rural Towns Needed Clout

Provincial governments have failed to invest in rural B.C. A new electoral system would help change that.

By Peter Ewart, 3 Mar 2005