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Kevin Campbell

Stories by Kevin Campbell


Credit Unions Do Good Work, So Why Is BC Hobbling Them?

Special tax status helps them compete with big banks. They deserve our support.

By Kevin Campbell, 11 Jul 2016


Don't Tell Me Letting Uber Ignore Rules Is about Competition

If regulations don't apply to Uber, they shouldn't apply to taxis either.

By Kevin Campbell, 28 Jan 2016


Can't Miss Inequality Films at VIFF

Class tensions, wealth inequity in the spotlight at Vancouver film fest. Starts this week.

By Kevin Campbell, 23 Sep 2015


To Win this Election, Win the Economy Argument

Progressives can, and must, convince they're best for the household bottom line.

By Kevin Campbell, 24 Aug 2015


Child Care Is a Worthy Investment: BC Banker

By neglecting to support it, we commit a double foul on the economy.

By Kevin Campbell, 23 Jan 2015


Inequality Is Bad for Business: BC Investment Banker

That's why Kevin Campbell is sponsoring 'The Great Divide' film series at VIFF.

By Kevin Campbell, 2 Oct 2014