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Kathleen Haley

Kathleen Haley is on staff at The Tyee.

Stories by Kathleen Haley


Will Robots Kill Joy of Browsing?

Some patrons fear UBC library’s automated retrieval system will save money but put books 'in jail.'

By Kathleen Haley, 7 Oct 2004


Bring Back Strong, Smart Women Rockers

I grew up with the Riot Grrrls but nowadays Britney rules. What happened?

By Kathleen Haley, 3 Aug 2004


Morning After Pill Gal Tells All

But not the story you might assume. Plan B is for the ultra-careful, too.

By Kathleen Haley, 11 Jun 2004


The Politics of Wind

Wind power is in vogue, but is B.C. failing to set sail?

By Kathleen Haley, 2 Jun 2004