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Josha MacNab

Josha MacNab is a policy analyst with the Pembina Institute.

Stories by Josha MacNab


Premier Clark: Join 'Forces of Yes' on Climate

Budget 2016 missed opportunity to prepare BC for low-carbon world.

By Josha MacNab, 18 Feb 2016


BC's LNG Strategy Is Not Climate Friendly

Despite environment minister's claims, it won't displace coal in Asia.

By Josha MacNab, 23 Dec 2014


VIEW: LNG isn't BC's only economic option

By Josha MacNab, 8 Oct 2014


BC's Climate Plan Is Working, so Why Stop Now?

We know the carbon tax is effective. We know the public wants it. Time to ramp up our efforts.

By Josha MacNab, 22 Jul 2014


Wanted: A Real Climate Change Vision

What Campbell gets wrong, that ordinary BCers have right.

By Josha MacNab, 23 Jul 2008