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James Wilt

Stories by James Wilt


The Desperate Fight to Save the Right Whale from Dying Off

‘We’ve just got to figure out a way to help them survive.’

By James Wilt, 6 Sep 2017


Five Ways Alberta Can Crack Down on Climate-Warming Methane Emissions

Province can lead the country’s efforts, says alliance.

By James Wilt, 2 Aug 2017


On Hellishly Scary Climate Change Reporting, and How to Do It Better

That 7,200-word doomsday article circulating the web lacked something crucial: solutions.

By James Wilt, 13 Jul 2017


How Two Very Different Alberta Premiers Shaped the Oil Sands

And how their legacies affect Rachel Notley’s government today. A Q&A.

By James Wilt, 15 Jun 2017


Three Ways BC Could Stop Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Plan

Despite Rachel Notley’s claims, new provincial government could still halt project, say experts.

By James Wilt, 26 May 2017


Alberta’s Solar Advantage: New Rebates Give Homeowners a Boost

NDP government unveils two year, $36-million program to help bring down costs.

By James Wilt, 2 Mar 2017


Six More Broken Liberal Promises

Maybe you thought it was just electoral reform? Looking back at 500 days of governance.

By James Wilt, 14 Feb 2017