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Ellen Gould

Ellen Gould is a researcher and writer on food and policy issues.

Stories by Ellen Gould


How Campbell Tied His Own Hands as Economy Plummeted

Libs quietly cut programs, laws for protecting BC jobs.

By Ellen Gould, 7 May 2009


Harper’s yes to risky mortgages: Globe’s ‘untold story’ was told here

By Ellen Gould, 18 Dec 2008


How Harper Gov't Pushed Financial Deregulation Here, Abroad

Way cleared for US mortgage firms and easy credit, insured by Canadian taxpayers.

By Ellen Gould, 8 Oct 2008


Inside the WTO's Collapsed Deal

World's poor dodged disastrous policies when world trade talks failed.

By Ellen Gould, 4 Aug 2008


Food Fight: Canada vs. Europe

We're forcing GMOs on people who fear them.

By Murray Dobbin and Ellen Gould, 28 Jan 2008