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Carla Funk

Stories by Carla Funk


The Pledge: Carla Had a Little 4-H Lamb

You’ll learn by doing, the man said. But what was the lesson? Last in a series.

By Carla Funk, 8 Sep 2017


All the Ways to Fall: Memories of a Stubborn Girl

Don’t climb the ladder, I was told, growing up in a small BC town. Second in a series.

By Carla Funk, 7 Sep 2017


Rules of War: A Girl Among Boys

Life during playtime in Vanderhoof meant choosing between Barbie or pinecone grenades. First in a series.

By Carla Funk, 6 Sep 2017


The Lady of the Lake

Dad showed up towing a used trailer and promised us a clean getaway up the Yellowhead.

By Carla Funk, 17 Aug 2017