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Amy Chow

Stories by Amy Chow


A Tyee Series

Biking to the BEAT

How a grant program promoting innovative city design helped build wheel-friendly communities in BC.

By Amy Chow, 12 Aug 2011


An HIV-Positive Mother's Day

She had been an addict, and carried the AIDS virus. But she yearned for a child, and people were there to help make it possible.

By Amy Chow, 7 May 2010


The Face of Asian Mixed Marriage in BC

All about 'NAAAPs, CBCs, and Egg-Yellows'

By Amy Chow, 27 Dec 2005


The Dangerous Lives of Train-hopping 'Yohos'

Illegal and risky, it's an adventure for some kids.

By Amy Chow, 27 Oct 2005


To Be Young and Living with Pain

Fibromyalgia wracks my body. But I won’t let it ruin my life.

By Amy Chow, 10 May 2005