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Fate of B.C.'s failed drunk drivers to be debated in court after law tossed

VANCOUVER - The fate of more than 15,000 British Columbians who either failed a drunk driving roadside screening test or refused to take the test will be in the hands of a judge today.

Lawyers for those who failed the test and the province are in B.C. Supreme Court to work out a solution after a judge struck down part of the law earlier this month.

Justice Jon Sigurdson ruled that imposing steep fines and penalties for those who blew over .08 was unconstitutional.

Victoria lawyer Jeremy Carr, who fought the law, says many people he's heard from have lost their jobs or even their homes and more because they could no longer drive.

Carr says thousands of people caught up in the bad law should be compensated for thousands paid out in fines and penalties and their failed roadside test should be struck from their driving record.

In the days before the law was struck down earlier this month, the B.C. government boasted that the toughest drunk driving laws in Canada reduced alcohol-related vehicle deaths by 40 per cent.

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