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Time to Regulate the News Media

Comedian John Oliver's right about our self-destructing press. Here's what to do about it.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Aug 2014


Tyee Expands into Medical Marijuana

Why we're betting a newly emerging business sector can save journalism.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Apr 2014


Canada, Leading the World into Paywalls

Charging for online news is a bigger trend here than US or Europe.

By Kelly Toughill, 19 Aug 2013


A Novel Idea for Newspapers: Help Us Shop

And who better to marry quality media with online malls than new WaPo owner, Amazon's Bezos?

By Shannon Rupp, 15 Aug 2013


Why Women Don't Care about 'Current Affairs'

A theory that could help newspapers win their most lucrative ad audience back.

By Shannon Rupp, 18 Jul 2013


Pry open the Energy Sector with Andrew Nikiforuk Saturday

Ace investigative reporter to share knowledge, skills at Tyee Master Class.

By David Beers, 17 Apr 2013


Why Blog When You Can Flog?

Graduates take note: Have you considered becoming a shill?

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Mar 2013


Thank a Geek for Stronger Digital Policy in Canada

While gains remain to be made, rising public interest in web regulation should be celebrated.

By Michael Geist, 6 Nov 2012


Open Government? The Dangerous Distraction of Faux Transparency

While officials disgorge data sets and tweet away, citizens still lack muscle to compel the state to release records.

By Stanley Tromp, 17 Sep 2012


Big Fish: Look Who's Swimming with The Tyee!

From Atwood to Vaillant, two dozen famous Canadians want to give you their signed books for supporting The Tyee.

By Shannon Smart, 17 Apr 2012


iBooks Mean New Recipes for Journalism

How do you make a Tyee Solutions local food series sizzle on an iPad? Watch these students cook.

By Wayne MacPhail, 29 Mar 2012


Feds' Lost Opportunity on Telecom Policy

Newly-announced 'go-safe' approach misses a chance to shake up the market.

By Michael Geist, 20 Mar 2012


A Math Wiz's Idea to Revive Local Journalism

Mark Latham's Voter Media set UBC's media community abuzz. So what next?

By Ben Christopher, 27 Jan 2012


Wearable Media Will Change How We Commune

Journalists need to think about how to tell a story from a wristwatch.

By Wayne MacPhail, 6 Jan 2012


The 10 Most Underreported Health Stories of 2011

Sickening inequality, climbing cholera, drug resistant bugs, and more.

By Crawford Kilian, 28 Dec 2011


'Renaissance Man': New Way to Make a Documentary

Blind man tries a motorcycle jump. And other improbable feats that might involve you.

By Kai Nagata, 29 Nov 2011


Occupy's Strength? Web Power!

Vancouver site's open-source, collaborative style shows the might of a web-modelled world.

By Steve Anderson, 17 Nov 2011


What Sean Holman Taught Me

Closure of his one-man Public Eye, an investigative journalism powerhouse, leaves a telling void.

By Justin McElroy, 4 Nov 2011


Occupiers, Big Media Wants Your Help!

Latest innovations by news corporations out to make more cash by doing less journalism.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Oct 2011


Download Wrong Film, You Might Owe $20,000

Why lawsuit against 'Hurt Locker' file sharers could hurt everyone.

By Michael Geist, 20 Sep 2011