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Photo Essays


Thirty Years of BC Politics, One Laugh at a Time

Click through a dozen cartoon classics from Adrian Raeside's new collection.

By Ian Holliday, 12 Jul 2014


Vancouver's Extended Summer of Love

This striking set of photographer Vladimir Keremidschieff's work captures a time of upheaval and cultural shift.

By Vladimir Keremidschieff, 28 Dec 2013


A Tyee Series

A Mine, a Movement and a Town Divided

In Mexico, local resistance to Canadian mining companies is growing as the industry booms.

By Liam Barrington-Bush and Jen Wilton, 30 Sep 2013


The Running of the Folkies

In a blur of sandals and tie-dye, music fans run in the annual folk festival rite: the Birkenstock 500.

By David P. Ball, Geoff D'Auria and Maryse Zeidler, 20 Jul 2013


BC, As Explained by Buttons

Did you know Port McNeill boasts the world's largest burl? And more provincial pin wisdoms.

By Colleen Kimmett, 17 Jul 2013


This Canada Day, Plunge into Summer

Celebrate the start of the hot season with Tyee reader photos of fun on the water.

By Colleen Kimmett, 1 Jul 2013


The Growers of Woods

Experience the pains, joys, and odd romance of a tree planter's life in the slash. A photo essay.

By Hans Peter Meyer, 13 Jun 2013


Get Over 'Juneuary,' People!

Say it one more time and I put you on a slow bus back to Ontario. Instead, placate yourself with these photos.

By Geoff D'Auria, 30 Jun 2012


Inside the Washed out Grocery Store

Jesse Whitehead got a taste of vulnerable northern food systems this month, after storms cut off his town's supplies.

By Colleen Kimmett, 16 Jun 2012


What's Behind BC's Doors?

Click through to see more enchanting doors perceived by Tyee readers across the province.

By Jessica Roberts-Farina and Fiona Tinwei Lam, 19 May 2012


The Orchard Spy

Tyee photo pool contributor Jeremy Hiebert, on days spent lurking among Okanagan fruit farms. A visual essay.

By Robyn Smith, 7 Apr 2012


Blossoming Possibilities

Can't wait for winter to bud out? Click through these photographs of awakening spring by Tyee readers.

By David Beers, 10 Mar 2012


BC Students: 'We Have a Voice'

Thousands of those most affected rallied to decry class sizes, support teachers, and show they're paying attention.

By Katie Hyslop and Andrew MacLeod, 3 Mar 2012


Occupy Canada through Big Media's Lens, and Yours

While pundits called Occupiers names, Tyee readers captured their diversity in photos. Have a look.

By Robert A. Hackett, 1 Nov 2011


Why They Joined Occupy Vancouver

Peaceful and boisterous, Vancouver's occupiers joined a global outcry that it's time to redistribute out-of-whack wealth.

By Ben Christopher, Justin Langille and Robyn Smith, 15 Oct 2011


Greenpeace at 40: An Album of 'Mind Bomb' Images

From its Vancouver inception, Greenpeace knew the camera's power to shock and inspire, co-founder Rex Weyler explains. A Tyee photo gallery.

By Rex Weyler, 15 Sep 2011

Portraits of a Province at Work

Reader-submitted photos capture British Columbia on the job.

By Shannon Smart, 5 Sep 2011


Your British Columbia

Get to know your neighbours, and see how Tyee readers spent their 2011 August long weekend.

By Shannon Smart, 5 Aug 2011


A Riot of Crazy Scenes

Photos from Tyee readers and a sampling of what's being said online about last night's riot.

By Tyler Harbottle and David Beers, 16 Jun 2011


World's Coolest Public Urinal, and How It Was Invented

Form follows bodily function to create the perfect pissoir, designed for Victoria by Matthew Soules.

By Adele Weder, 7 Feb 2011