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BC Election 2017


Budget Shortchanges BC Kids And Youth, Say Critics

Increases not enough to dent child poverty, warns economist.

By Katie Hyslop, Yesterday


MSP Premiums Cut in Pre-Election Budget

Change to cost government $1 billion a year.

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Feb 2017


BC Gov’t Hikes Disability Rates by $50, Maintains Freeze on Welfare

NDP critic describes increase as ‘Christy Clark giving back money she took away last year’ with bus pass clawback.

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Feb 2017


We Need a BC Budget that Truly Lifts All Boats

Years of tax cuts and deregulation have left many British Columbians drowning. We say, enough.

By Stephanie Smith, 20 Feb 2017


NDP’s Horgan Reintroduces, Again, a Bill to Stop Wealthy Donors from ‘Buying’ Government

New version would prevent premier, cabinet from receiving pay from a political party.

By Andrew MacLeod, 17 Feb 2017


Hey BC Voter! Together, Let’s Dive Deep on Site C

I spent all summer reporting on the megaproject, and still have so many questions. How about you?

By Zoë Ducklow, 16 Feb 2017


‘You Just Don’t Care’: Sister of Fired Health Researcher Slams Clark

Premier’s allegations of NDP ‘hacking’ reminded Linda Kayfish of events that led to her brother’s death.

By Andrew MacLeod, 15 Feb 2017


Chronic Care Home Understaffing Hurting BC’s Seniors, Say Advocates

Groups want sector reform, increased support, on the election agenda.

By Linda Givetash, 15 Feb 2017


Throne Speech Promises Tax Breaks after ‘Years of Sacrifice By All of Us’

On LNG, government admits ‘unforeseen headwinds have created challenging conditions.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 14 Feb 2017


Christy Clark’s World of ‘Alternative Facts’

Consider today’s throne speech promises in light of the premier’s past prevarications.

By Bill Tieleman, 14 Feb 2017


It Didn’t Have to Happen This Way: Government Still Failing Vulnerable Youth

It’s time to make the treatment of kids in care a key election issue.

By Paul Willcocks, 10 Feb 2017


Disability Rates Far Too Low for ‘Dignified Standard of Living,’ Report Finds

Strong economy and budget surpluses make time right for promised raise, says UVic prof.

By Andrew MacLeod, 10 Feb 2017


Sexism off the Menu: Seven Ways to Protect Servers from Abuse

End slavery to tips. Empower bartenders. Put teeth in workplace laws. And more ideas. Last in a series.

By Rachel Sanders, 9 Feb 2017


Slaps, Gropes and Comments ‘Non-stop’

Forced to be ‘sexy’ at work, servers reveal the toll on body and soul. Second in a series.

By Rachel Sanders, 8 Feb 2017


Inside BC’s Sexist Restaurant Industry

Steadily slipping ‘server’ minimum wage fuels harassment on job: researcher. Part one of three.

By Rachel Sanders, 7 Feb 2017


NDP’s John Horgan Unveils Climate Plan, Would Put an End to Liberals’ ‘Failure’

New plan would raise carbon taxes, provide rebates for green projects.

By Andrew MacLeod, 2 Feb 2017


Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Elections BC Still ‘Stifling’ Campaign Discussions, Advocates Say

New bulletin sets ‘restrictive’ limits on handmade pamphlets and other material.

By Andrew MacLeod, 2 Feb 2017


Poll Offers Hope, Fears For Both Main Parties

Majority think economy strong, but one-third of British Columbians worried about their personal financial situation.

By Andrew MacLeod, 1 Feb 2017


Groups Want Review of Clark’s Kinder Morgan Approval, Citing BC Liberal Donations

Oil company payments to party create ‘appearance of a conflict,’ says Democracy Watch co-founder.

By Andrew MacLeod, 31 Jan 2017


BC MLAs’ Public Disclosures Aren’t Accessible Online – So, We’ve Posted Them

We’ve found good stories in them. Maybe you will, too.

By Andrew MacLeod, 26 Jan 2017