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Wayne MacPhail

Wayne MacPhail is the president of w8nc inc., an emerging media communications company. He's also a board member who helped launch the rabble podcast network. Wayne contributes a regular column to, on technology issues.

Stories by Wayne MacPhail


iBooks Mean New Recipes for Journalism

How do you make a Tyee Solutions local food series sizzle on an iPad? Watch these students cook.

By Wayne MacPhail, 29 Mar 2012


Wearable Media Will Change How We Commune

Journalists need to think about how to tell a story from a wristwatch.

By Wayne MacPhail, 6 Jan 2012


A Tyee Series

Making 'MakerCulture: Taking Things into Our Own Hands'

Check out the blog, wiki, podcasts, photostream and YouTube channel and feature stories, all part of a new series on The Tyee.

By Wayne MacPhail, 15 Jan 2010


How the Grinches Stole 'Net Neutrality'

Internet service providers play favourites with video, large files and political sites.

By Wayne MacPhail, 27 Dec 2007