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MakerCulture: Taking Things into Our Own Hands


Photo by Boby Dimitrov, shared under a Creative Commons license.

The Tyee is proud to co-publish with a multi-part, multi-media investigation of Maker Culture – the do-it-yourself movement fast evolving in North America and beyond. The project, directed by Wayne MacPhail, was created by 45 journalism students at the University of Western Ontario and Ryerson University.

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Making 'MakerCulture: Taking Things into Our Own Hands'

Check out the blog, wiki, podcasts, photostream and YouTube channel and feature stories, all part of a new series on The Tyee.

By Wayne MacPhail, 15 Jan 2010



Meet Your Makers

From EduPunks to food jewelers, people are using new tools to take learning, art, entertainment, technology, politics, and even science into their own hands. Behold the growing Maker Movement.

By Pia Bahile, Curtis File and Kevin Young, 15 Jan 2010



The Replicator, No Longer a Star Trek Dream

Already there are machines that replicate themselves. Now people are working on printers that reproduce human organs.

By Christian Bergmeister, Michael Kennedy, Matt Lundy and Geoff Turner, 22 Jan 2010



Making a Living in MakerCulture

Love to knit? Never outgrew Lego? Rather live in the Steam Age? Meet some folks making ends meet while living the DIY dream.

By Anna Delaney, James Jackson, Marika Motawalla and Joel Tiller, 29 Jan 2010



We're All Hackers Now

But will Apple help close off the promise of the creatively open Internet?

By Steph Gellatly, Patrick O'Rourke, Lauren Strapagiel and Luke Vandezande, 5 Feb 2010



How MakerCulture Is Reinventing Politics

From BikeCamp to Bolivia, a creative new breed makes change from the bottom up.

By Katie Atkinson, Shannon Kelley, Conal Pierse and Alana Power, 12 Feb 2010



From Mash-up Novels to Crowdsourced Films

New technology, copyright sharing fuel a creative wave of DIY media.

By Daniela DiStefano, Brittany Seki, Lauren O'Neil, Isabella Ssozi and Laura Schober, 19 Feb 2010



Rise of the Citizen Scientists

They're tackling gene research, charting the cosmos, crunching complex equations and more.

By Carrie Simmons, Maria Ionova and Jess Brady, 2 Mar 2010



What's So Great about Hand-Made?

Whether it's dog biscuits or sealskin parkas, creating items by hand builds culture and communities.

By Madelyn Chung, Sasha-Ann Simons and Lauren Solski, 5 Mar 2010


Dried Apple Ring

Go Ahead, Play with Your Food

Whether inventing jewelry from fruit or art from gum, 'Maker Culture' is finding new ways to satisfy the hunger for creativity.

By Arti Patel, Vincent McDermott, Sonya Benjamin, Adam Vrankulj and Christian Nathler, 15 Mar 2010


Edupunk graphic

EduPunks Say School Yourself!

Their DIY movement is reinventing how, and why, we learn.

By Steve Howard, Nicole Veerman and Jim Saunders, 20 Mar 2010


Cory Doctorow

Our Future Remade by 'Maker Culture'

Do-it-yourself robots, weapons, even human organs. Open source tech makes it possible, but do we want this? Last in a series.

By Savithri Sastri, Colin Schultz, Mark Melnychuk and Julianne Hazlewood, 26 Mar 2010