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Tom Kertes

Tom Kertes is an early childhood educator and experienced social movement organizer, with a passion for early childhood empowerment.

Stories by Tom Kertes


On Orlando: Why Silence Still Equals Death

Sunday's killings a painful reminder of how all forms of marginalization and dehumanization are connected.

By Tom Kertes, 14 Jun 2016


Three Labour Lessons from the Teachers' Strike

Latest round showed the power of solidarity, public support, and striking first.

By Tom Kertes, 19 Sep 2014


Why Teachers Fear the Worst of Clark Government

Signs mount that union busting, privatized schooling are true agenda.

By Tom Kertes, 10 Sep 2014


With Teacher Contract, Clark Could've Lifted Women Workers Up

Instead, she characterizes a mostly female workforce as 'all about money.'

By Tom Kertes, 1 Jul 2014


Education Minister Masters the Art of the Impossible

BC simply can't afford what teachers want, he says. If only things were so simple.

By Tom Kertes, 24 Jun 2014


VIEW: What Clark gains by calling teacher bargaining broken

By Tom Kertes, 17 Jun 2014