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Heather Libby

Stories by Heather Libby


Your Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough, Canada. Not This Time

Mosque attack calls for action — organize, march, call out hostile policies in fight against hate.

By Heather Libby, 30 Jan 2017


Sad Sign for 2017: It’s Freezing, and Vancouver Debates Closing Warming Centres for Homeless

Nine years ago, we pledged to do better.

By Heather Libby, 13 Jan 2017


Trudeau’s LNG Approval: What a Difference a Day Makes

Absent winning smiles and shirtless selfies, this doesn’t feel like ‘positive politics.’

By Heather Libby, 28 Sep 2016


Will Becoming Bernie Sanders Help Mulcair Keep His Job?

Centrist no more, the struggling NDP leader wants you to feel his Bern.

By Heather Libby, 22 Feb 2016


Understanding Trudeau's 'Disappointed' Keystone Response

He could be a wholesale pipeline supporter, or perhaps his motives are more nuanced.

By Carol Linnitt and Heather Libby, 7 Nov 2015


Scared Yet? How Fear Hijacked Campaign 2015

Harper lobbed three 'dead cats' to make us forget the Duffy trial. It's working.

By Heather Libby, 5 Oct 2015


Four Reasons to Stop Sharing Nationwide Election Polls

They're misleading and unhelpful, so post riding-level data instead.

By Heather Libby, 16 Sep 2015


Four Things We May Never Know about the Vancouver Fuel Spill

Total volume, how the Kits coast guard would respond, and two more big questions remain.

By Heather Libby, 29 Apr 2015