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Stories for week starting Monday, August 15, 2022


Hype or Hope? Can the Blue Economy Transform Coastal Communities?

Done right, a new ocean economy can protect the environment and strengthen local economies.

Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor, Leah Fusco and Marleen Simone Schutter, 19 Aug 2022


Why David Suzuki Won’t Back Elizabeth May’s Leadership Bid

And the other noisy divisions bringing tension to a troubled party.

Christopher Guly, 19 Aug 2022


Happy Birthday to the Cinematheque

The beloved indie film centre is now 50! Here’s what makes it so special.

Dorothy Woodend, 19 Aug 2022


Breaking Down the Big New Batch of Housing Data

StatCan’s latest survey is troubling on many levels. But the housing crisis isn’t without solutions. Our newest Hot, Hot Housing.

Christopher Cheung, 19 Aug 2022


The US Endangered Orcas with Overfishing, Court Finds

Hatchery fish are no substitute for conservation, according to the ruling. What this means for BC.

Kate Helmore, 19 Aug 2022


‘We’re Human Too.’ Inside the Crisis on East Hastings

Advocates say the city and province are bungling a human disaster they helped create.

Jen St. Denis, 18 Aug 2022


The Latest COVID Wave May Have Peaked. But Risks Remain High

Independent experts say BC must step up its fight against coming waves.

Moira Wyton, 18 Aug 2022


Anjali Appadurai: ‘A Total Reframing Is Needed’

The new BC NDP leadership entry on why she’s running, her base, David Eby and more.

Steve Burgess, 18 Aug 2022


In a Silly Season, These Blockbusters Are Seriously Good

Summer is for slacking, but these movies are no slouches.

Dorothy Woodend, 18 Aug 2022


When Media Erase Places of Colour

What are journalists really saying when they talk about ‘emerging neighbourhoods’?

Christopher Cheung, 18 Aug 2022


Please Advise! Why the War on Mini Doughnuts?

Surely all hunger to know where Dr. Steve lands on this bite-sized controversy.

Steve Burgess, 17 Aug 2022


Danielle Smith Isn’t Nuts, Says Kenney. Just Her Policies

But the lame-duck leader’s intervention isn’t likely to slow Smith’s march to the premier’s office.

David Climenhaga, 17 Aug 2022


Why We Need to Say Monkeypox Is Mainly Affecting Gay and Bisexual Men

Understanding how this outbreak is primarily spread gives us our best chance of stopping it.

Kiffer George Card, 17 Aug 2022


You’re on a Beach and See a Tasty Critter. Can You Eat It?

And what about snaring urban bunnies for supper? Part three of a series.

Michelle Gamage, 17 Aug 2022


BC Drug Deaths Bring More Demands for Change

After six months, the province is on track for its deadliest year ever.

Moira Wyton, 16 Aug 2022


‘Do You Think You’ll Ever Stop Writing?’

Poet Rob Taylor contemplates family trees, death, form and silence. An excerpt from Event.

Rob Taylor, 16 Aug 2022


Poilievre Blamed Climate Taxes While Big Oil Guzzled Profits

As gas prices pinched, the Conservative front-runner followed the right-wing script by ignoring ‘sky high’ billions for oilsands firms.

Geoff Dembicki, 16 Aug 2022


Flyers Threaten Homeless People in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

The widely distributed notices threaten to burn down tents and a safe injection site.

Jen St. Denis, 16 Aug 2022


Hey Dad, Let’s Make a Movie

Manny Mahal’s 'For My Father' sheds light on a touchy relationship, and what lies beneath the surface for many immigrant families.

Dorothy Woodend, 15 Aug 2022


Inside the Kenney Government’s University Debacle

How did the UCP make such bad decisions about the future of Athabasca University?

Charles Rusnell, 15 Aug 2022


Reporting on People of Colour? Mind the Intersections

Each person reflects an overlap of systems of power: race, class, gender, sexuality, age, religion, and more. How can journalists reflect this?

Christopher Cheung, 15 Aug 2022


Appadurai’s Insurgent Challenge

The activist’s surprise bid to become BC NDP leader takes sharp aim at the party’s establishment.

Paul Willcocks, 15 Aug 2022