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Trish Garner

Stories by Trish Garner


Welfare Rates Should Be Set to Allow for Simple Dignity

Let the government know that you value and respect the humanity of others.

By Trish Garner, 10 Nov 2017


Why I’m Not Taking the Welfare Food Challenge

With my job and kids, I knew I couldn’t afford to be hungry this week. But I had a choice.

By Trish Garner, 20 Oct 2016


How My Kids’ School Renewed My Belief in Democracy

It showed that when we commit to the process, however messy, what seems impossible becomes doable.

By Trish Garner, 22 Sep 2016


A Poverty Reduction Plan for BC

Targeted gov't spending saves billions of dollars in the long-term.

By Ted Bruce, Trish Garner and Seth Klein, 13 May 2013