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Sarah Buchanan

Sarah Buchanan is a Vancouver writer.

Stories by Sarah Buchanan


The Girls Can Jam

Spend a few days at Girls Rock Camp, where guitars plus drums minus boys add up to a new band called Toxic Vomit.

By Sarah Buchanan, 27 Nov 2009


A Prayer for the New Atheists

Author Karen Armstrong on quitting the convent, launching the Charter for Compassion, making 'The Case for God', and more.

By Sarah Buchanan, 15 Oct 2009


We’ll make Vancouver a fun city if it kills us

By Sarah Buchanan, 20 Feb 2009


A Tyee Series

Now's No Time for Bad Coffee!

A barista's guide to cost-effective caffeinated comfort in a cup.

By Sarah Buchanan, 20 Feb 2009


Gay and Lesbian Games Vie with 'Olympic Fatigue'

Vancouver's 2011 Outgames sparks its own controversies.

By Sarah Buchanan, 7 Jan 2009


Brace for 'Climate Wars'

Author Gwynn Dyer on techno-fixing the planet, why the Pentagon buys global warming, and more.

By Sarah Buchanan, 6 Jan 2009


Anti-gay extremists spark support for gay theatre

By Sarah Buchanan, 29 Nov 2008


Before Katrina: The Gumbo World of 'Babylon Rolling'

Novelist Amanda Boyden on New Orleans, hurricanes, fleeing or not, and more.

By Sarah Buchanan, 19 Nov 2008


In Defence of Trans People

Author Christopher Shelley on the pain bigotry inflicts on transsexual and transgendered persons.

By Sarah Buchanan, 23 Sep 2008


Battlestar Galactica on the Brain

Worldly insights from the UBC profs who wrote 'Cylons in America.'

By Sarah Buchanan, 6 Jun 2008