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Max Cameron

Max Cameron is a professor in the department of political science at the University of British Columbia. His research and teaching focuses on Latin American politics. He is a volunteer member of a group seeking to stop Jose Figueroa's deportation.

Stories by Max Cameron


Tackling Climate Crisis Can Strengthen Democracy and Our Economy

Free market democracies are leading the green innovation charge, says UBC political scientist.

By Max Cameron, 2 Mar 2015


Byelections Show the Centre Cannot Hold

The muddy middle is for now a proven loser in BC. What will Clark do to fend off Cummins?

By Max Cameron, 20 Apr 2012


Is Cooperation Among Opposition Parties Dead?

The idea won't go away and shouldn't, despite what Thomas Mulcair proclaims.

By Max Cameron, 27 Mar 2012


Ottawa's Flawed Memory of El Salvador's Civil War

Misplaced fears of terrorism fuel Canada's bizarre Central America immigration policies.

By Max Cameron, 20 Sep 2010