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Justin Ling

Stories by Justin Ling


Will New Harper Bill Truly Give 'Voice to Victims'?

Jury's still out, but oddly, it could compel spouses to testify against each other.

By Justin Ling, 3 Apr 2014


Union Cites Rail Safety As Feds Threatened Back-to-Work Bill

Last minute deal averts major CN strike. Is government risking the next big rail disaster for the economy?

By Justin Ling, 6 Feb 2014


God Save the Queen, 'Cause Canadians Aren't So Sure

Despite royal baby mania, new poll finds less than half of us support the monarchy.

By Justin Ling, 11 Jun 2013


Tweeting in Handcuffs: Covering the Montreal Protests

New media stepped up, police cracked down, the hunger for headlines persists.

By Justin Ling, 31 May 2012