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Duff Conacher

Stories by Duff Conacher


Referendum Aside, We Need Deeper Vote Reform Consultation

Liberals get one shot at fixing Canada's election system. Know these best practices.

By Duff Conacher, 15 Feb 2016


Federal Elections Fair? Why We Can't Know

Elections Canada makes one public ruling, hides more than 2,284 others since 2004.

By Duff Conacher, 16 Nov 2011


Don't Cut Vote Subsidy, Make It More Democratic

If Harper were serious about making elections fairer, here's what he'd do.

By Duff Conacher, 9 Jun 2011


Foreign Control of Our Officials? Fix Political Funding

Time to ban secret, unethical donations and lobbying across Canada.

By Duff Conacher, 23 Jun 2010


Our Democracy for Sale, Still

Secret, big dollar donors still drive politics, despite 'reform.'

By Duff Conacher, 13 Aug 2007