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Class Notes on the Future of Public Education in BC

Recent Tyee event discussed curriculum, teaching strategies, politics. Watch it here.

Submitted by Tyee Staff, 17 Oct 2016


What lies ahead for public education in British Columbia?

Some innovations and challenges were explored on the evening of Oct. 5 at The Future of Public Education: Beyond the Headlines, an event presented by The Tyee. The audience heard perspectives from teachers, academics, parents, and even students.

The event touched on a variety of topics: how students can become experts of a single topic from kindergarten to Grade 12; how to teach new Canadians and international students inside and outside of classrooms; why learning the history of our indigenous peoples is important to all young Canadians; and even where the money for seismic upgrades should be coming from (infrastructure or education budget?).

Tyee writers Katie Hyslop and Crawford Kilian moderated the event, which you can view in its entirety above.

Speakers appear in the video in this order:

  • Dr. Gillian Judson, Lecturer, Simon Fraser University, Director, Imaginative Education Research Group (IERG), and Coordinator, Imaginative Ecological Education (IEE) program
  • Hana Woldeyes, Youth Advisory Team member, Fresh Voices Initiative
    Sajedeh Zaki, Youth Advisory Team member, Fresh Voices Initiative
  • Jo-Anne (Jo) L. Chrona, Curriculum Coordinator, First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC)
  • Jennifer Stewart, Co-Founder, Families Against Cuts to Education
  • Trevor Stokes, Teacher, Streetfront Alternative Program

The event was made possible with the support of SFU Faculty of Education, UBC Faculty of Education, British Columbia Government and Service Employees’ Union, Vancouver Foundation, CUPE BC, Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC, and BC Teachers’ Federation.

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