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Trees and Us


Environmentalism is a British Columbian's birthright. But cutting trees is a B.C. birthright too. Our economy -- and many of our communities -- have historically been fuelled by forests.

In this series, Mark Leiren-Young talks to people who have unique perspectives on forests and the environment.

To listen to an interview, click on a story that interests you, and then click the "Listen to This!" link.

In This Series


Severn Suzuki

Trees and Us

Our new podcast series asks: what does the forest mean to you? First up, Severn Cullis-Suzuki.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 17 Aug 2007


John Vaillant

Why Humans and Nature Collide

A 'Trees and Us' Tyee podcast with John Vaillant.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 7 Sep 2007


Headshot of Jean-Pierre Kiekens

Why Rocket Science Is Easier than Forestry

A 'Trees and Us' Tyee podcast with Jean-Pierre Kiekens.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 28 Sep 2007


George Bowering

Tree Love and Murder

A Trees and Us podcast with George Bowering.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 19 Oct 2007


Oliver Hodge on the beach

Building Treeless Houses

A Trees and Us podcast with 'Garbage Warriors' director Oliver Hodge.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 2 Nov 2007


Wade Fisher

BC's Vanishing Timber Worker

A Trees and Us podcast with Wade Fisher, 'the best person on trees in Williams Lake.'

By Mark Leiren-Young, 7 Dec 2007


Tzeporah Berman

BC's Eco-Activist 'Rock Star'

Tzep Berman on celebrity and getting things done. A 'Trees and Us' podcast.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 15 Jan 2008

Tzeporah Berman

Green Is The New Black

Tzeporah Berman: Part two of a 'Trees & Us' podcast.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 22 Jan 2008

Antony Marcil

A Certified Forest Saviour

A 'Trees and Us' podcast with Antony Marcil.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 20 Mar 2008

Jackson Davies

Beyond 'Molly's Reach'

A 'Trees and Us' podcast with Jackson Davies.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 19 May 2008

Bob Simpson

Simpson Chops Coleman

PODCAST: NDP critic calls shuffled forest minister 'worst in BC history.'

By Mark Leiren-Young, 25 Jun 2008

Velcrow Ripper (3)

Velcrow Ripper's 'Fierce Light'

PODCAST: The doc director on 'non-flaky spirituality' and more.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 30 Sep 2008


Ken Wu

Reviving Forest Protests in BC

Kenneth Wu is working hard to make it happen. A Trees and Us podcast.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 25 Feb 2009


Mark Leiren-Young

Leiren-Young and His 'Green Chain'

Filmmaker discusses BC premiere of his movie on love of forests. A Trees and Us podcast.

By David Beers, 6 Mar 2009


Betty Krawczyk, full-width

Betty Krawczyk, Proud Fanatic

The queen of protest on activism, prison life and second acts after raising kids. A Trees and Us podcast.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 1 Jun 2009



How Adbusters Grew on Trees

Kalle Lasn on how his fight against Big Timber and Big Media sparked creative dissent. A Trees and Us podcast.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 16 Sep 2009


Richard Hebda

He Sees Our Hot Future

A 'Trees and Us' podcast with botanist geologist Richard Hebda.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 19 Jan 2010


Wildforesting cover image

'Wild Foresting'

New book by UVic profs Drengson and Taylor is a guide to 'practicing nature's wisdom.' A Trees and Us podcast.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 2 Feb 2010


Ken Wu on a stump

Ken Wu Wants to Save 'the Avatar Grove'

The veteran BC forests activist has a new organization and cause. A Trees and Us podcast.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 9 Mar 2010



Patrick Moore, Proud Heretic

Why did fellow Greenpeace founders shun him? He defends nuclear power, corporate forestry and other eco-bugaboos. A Trees and Us podcast.

By Mark Leiren-Young, 26 Mar 2010