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Tyee Poll: How Are You Showing Support (For Either Side) During the Teacher Strike?

Last week's Tyee poll on whether reader sympathies have changed throughout the course of the B.C. teachers' strike was one of our biggest polls ever.

By Friday afternoon, more than 3,330 readers had cast a vote, with 90 per cent saying they've always supported the teachers' position, and still do. Five per cent said they've always supported the government's position, and still do.

Few claimed their allegiances had switched as the strike unfolded, with three per cent saying their support had changed in favour of the teachers, and three per cent saying it had changed in favour of the government.

Clearly, it's a hot issue. This week, we're wondering how both sides are showing support.

Are you rallying? Blasting your Facebook feed with posts? Writing letters? Calling into talk shows?

Let us know.