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Tyee Poll: Do You Think the Feds Will Approve Northern Gateway?

The federal government, after years of public hearings and divisive rhetoric, are expected to rule on Northern Gateway in the next 10 days.

The pipeline was approved in principle six month ago by a Joint Review Panel, comprised of the National Energy Board and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, contingent on the company, Enbridge, meeting 209 requirements.

The federal government has made its support of the project clear. The sticking point is British Columbia, where resistance to the pipeline and the increased tanker traffic it will bring to the Northern Coast is fierce and cuts across party lines. Which also poses and interesting test for the federal Conservatives, let alone BC's premier, Clark, who put forward her own five conditions.

As CTV reported, "That is no idle threat in a province that saw a decade-long War in the Woods over logging of old growth forests, which ended with new government regulations."

So let's see how good Tyee readers are at reading the tea leaves...