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Matthew Hays

Matthew Hays teaches Communication Studies and Film at Marianopolis College and Concordia University. His articles have appeared in the Guardian, the Globe and Mail, the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Stories by Matthew Hays


The Day They Opened Fire

Alan Canfora, a survivor of the Kent State Massacre, looks back on a divided America — and sees parallels with the current one.

By Matthew Hays, 10 Jul 2017


Famed Journalist Robert Fisk: Canada's Moral Power Is Lost

Middle East sage on ISIS, refugees, Harper, 'short-termism' and more. A Tyee interview.

By Matthew Hays, 23 Sep 2015


Harper's Mob Problem

A communications expert ponders those 'vetted' election stop crowds that snarl and curse.

By Matthew Hays, 10 Sep 2015