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John MacLachlan Gray

Stories by John MacLachlan Gray


A Tyee Series

Attack of the Super Bugs

John MacLachlan Gray's memoir of the innards life of a Canadian baby boomer. The final chapter.

By John MacLachlan Gray, 17 Dec 2014


A Tyee Series

A Certain Urgency

What John MacLachlan Gray learned in hospital about angels and polyps. A true life comedy in three acts. Here's the first.

By John MacLachlan Gray, 15 Dec 2014


Mick of Time

The horror of the Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary Tour. Are we not yet satisfied?

By John MacLachlan Gray, 10 Dec 2012


Birds of a Feather: Marois and Harper

United by what they lack: charisma and experience outside the nest of politics.

By John MacLachlan Gray, 10 Sep 2012


Do Ghoulish New Cigarette Packages Go Too Far?

The Bureau of Tormenting Smokers apparently knows no bounds.

By John MacLachlan Gray, 9 Jul 2012


Vancouver's Victorian Murders

What will it take for the city and its police to reform their relationship with survival sex workers?

By John MacLachlan Gray, 9 Apr 2012


Against BC's New Alcohol Limits

A Puritanical sneak attack has turned the war on drunk driving into a war on drinking.

By John MacLachlan Gray, 1 Nov 2010


What the Hell Happened in Mazatlan?

Decoding slap-dash news reports gets harder all the time.

By John MacLachlan Gray, 25 Jun 2010