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Daniel Gawthrop

Daniel Gawthrop is a Vancouver writer and editor.

Stories by Daniel Gawthrop


Not So Fast, Your Holiness

Pope Benedict XVI wants out. Who will hold him accountable for his sins against humanity?

By Daniel Gawthrop, 12 Feb 2013


Gays and Hockey, Breaking the Ice at Last

Having had a front row seat to NHL homophobia, I’ll cheer Canuck Manny Malhotra’s appearance in Sunday’s Pride parade.

By Daniel Gawthrop, 4 Aug 2012


Why I Listen to the Pope

I'm a gay lapsed Catholic who's moved on. Yet I allow Benedict XVI to bedevil me. Here's why.

By Daniel Gawthrop, 18 Feb 2012


Dr. Peter, and the Hard Work of Legacy Building

Heroes are complicated and none is perfect. Case in point: the famed AIDS Diary doctor.

By Daniel Gawthrop, 27 Sep 2010


Death of a Liberal Delusion

Provocateur Theo van Gogh's murder wasn't the only ugly end in Amsterdam.

By Daniel Gawthrop, 2 Nov 2006


Flash and Burn Outlaws

WRITERS FEST: South Asian gangster life the stuff of two new novels, one set in B.C.

By Daniel Gawthrop, 19 Oct 2006


Adam and Steve Forever

How far have we come? Well, I've gone from closeted to queer opponent of gay marriage to preparing my wedding.

By Daniel Gawthrop, 10 Dec 2004


One Too Many for the Gipper

It's not whether George W. Bush measures up to Ronald Reagan. It's that too many Americans think Reagan's legacy is worth celebrating

By Daniel Gawthrop, 7 Jun 2004

In the Thrall of the Passionate Buddha

He spooks official China; he enraptures Goldie Hawn. How to explain the impact of the Tibetan spiritual leader? Photos by Rob Kruyt

By Daniel Gawthrop, 19 Apr 2004


Telus Not Off the Hook Say Employees

Telus says its customer service disaster is over and fixed. Employees tell a different story, as they ready for a strike vote Thursday.

By Daniel Gawthrop, 27 Jan 2004


Saving Frozen Forests Is Hot

Canada's northern boreal forest, 15 percent of B.C., has become the sexy new frontier for global conservation efforts.

By Daniel Gawthrop, 25 Jan 2004