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Interested in learning more about the power of Big Media and the promise that independent journalism like The Tyee offers?

Here are some good places to start:

THE CORPORATE TREND towards media monopoly, and what it means for democracy:

Concentration of Media Ownership
The Wikipedia entry.

Who Owns What in Canadian Media
The CBC offers an interactive map of corporate ownership.

Concentration to Convergence: Media Ownership in Canada
From the CBC archives.

Canada's Media Monopoly
One perspective is enough, says CanWest. By James Winter, Fairness and Accuracy in Media.

Concentration Costing Jobs, Editorial Quality
Leaders of the The National Guild of Canadian journalists address Senators studying media.

Canada's Media Consolidation Capital is British Columbia
Notes for the Senate committee as it prepared to scrutinize the power of Big Media in BC. By Donald Gutstein.

Final Report on the Canadian News Media
Issued in June 2006 by the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications.

Senators Let Big Media off Hook
Committee's long-awaited report shrugged at CanWest, targeted CBC. By Donald Gutstein.

Confronting the Problem of Media Ownership Concentration in Canada
Overview from the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

Media Ownership and Democracy in the Digital Information Age (pdf)
Sweeping overview of U.S. scene by top expert at Stanford University. By Marc Cooper.

On Behalf of Journalism: A Manifesto for Change (pdf)
The Tyee is named as a bright spot (page 19) in this major report gathering the views of dozens of North America's leading journalists and media scholars. Lead author is Geneva Overholser for the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

Report Card on Canadian News Media: Examining Credibility in Canadian Journalism
A national study of public attitudes about news, conducted by researchers at UBC's School of Journalism and other Canadian institutions.

Canada Sleeps Through War to 'Save the Internet'
Digital democracy at risk if telecoms get their way say opponents. By Bryan Zandberg.

EXCITING EXPERIMENTS in media democracy:

Journalism's Future May Be Wikipedia
The online encyclopedia shifts the way we learn, and do, news. By Peter Tupper.

Beyond Wikipedia
Larry Sanger wants to keep it honest. Get ready for Citizendium. By Bryan Zandberg.

The Public Sphere and Online Independent Journalism (pdf)
Article in the Canadian Journal of Education, 2006, by David Beers.

Now You Can Read What Doctors See
'Open Medicine' lets public view medical research. Is this the beginning of a revolution empowering the patient? By Bryan Zandberg.

'Future Focused Journalism': What It Is and Why We Need More of It (pdf)
We can't let powerful interests define the discussion about how to build a better future for all citizens. By David Beers.

Creating Counterweights to Big Media
How to open up Canada's news media in an era of corporate concentration. By Charles Campbell and David Beers.