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BC's Enduring Central Coast

BC's Central Coast, 300px

BC's Central Coast -- above the tip of Vancouver Island, below the tip of Haida-Gwaii.

Earlier this year, a special team of Tyee Solutions Society reporters had the chance to spend some time on B.C.'s Central Coast. What they found there was a land and culture that has thrived for thousands of years. These are some of those stories.

Reporting & Editing: Chris Wood
Reporting: Jude Isabella
Video reporting: Kai Nagata
Video reporting: Stephanie Brown

This reporting was produced by Tyee Solutions Society in collaboration with Tides Canada Initiatives (TCI). TCI neither influences nor endorses the particular content of TSS' reporting. Other publications wishing to publish this story or other Tyee Solutions Society-produced articles, please see this website for contacts and information.

In This Series


BC's Central Coast

BC's Enduring Central Coast

A natural gem. A cradle of civilization. Today's voices. Tomorrow's promise. First in a series of reports from Tyee Solutions Society.

By Jude Isabella, 29 Oct 2012



VIDEO: Bringing the Ancestors Home

Four decades ago archaeologists took these human remains. Last year, the Heiltsuk brought them home. A report from BC's Enduring Coast.

By Kai Nagata and Stephanie Brown, 29 Oct 2012


Archaeologists on the Central Coast looking at an artifact

Sifting Evidence with BC's Ancient Civilization Sleuths

For people roaming 10,000 years ago, the Central Coast was a great place to settle down, as excited researchers are proving. Part of a series.

By Jude Isabella, 30 Oct 2012


Heiltsuk Stone Fish Traps

VIDEO: Stone Fish Traps Explained

Heiltsuk archaeologist Elroy White on how an ancient technology worked. A video report from BC's Enduring Coast.

By Stephanie Brown and Kai Nagata, 30 Oct 2012


Illustration of a sinking tall ship

Ghosts Towns and Living Defenders: A Coastal Timeline

Scroll through hundreds of years of human drama along BC's Central Coast. Part of this week's series.

By Chris Wood, 31 Oct 2012


Hakai Beach Institute dock

Hakai Beach Institute: A Science Hub for BC's Central Coast

Calvert Island may seem remote, but it's where research opportunities abound.

By Jude Isabella, Stephanie Brown and Kai Nagata, 31 Oct 2012


Heiltsuk canoes at Joint Panel Review

Coastal People's Past Powers Their Political Future

Here from 'the beginning,' First Nations press for central role developing BC's Central Coast.

By Chris Wood, 1 Nov 2012


Koeye Centre in Bella Bella

On BC's Central Coast, the Way Forward

Investments in people and their heritage are producing a different sort of modern economy in Bella Bella. Our series concludes.

By Chris Wood, 2 Nov 2012


Bella Bella fish plant

VIDEO: Bella Bella's Revitalized Fish Plant

Recently reopened, the processing centre taps into the coastal abundance and hints at a resilient future. A report on the future of BC's Enduring Central Coast.

By Stephanie Brown and Kai Nagata, 2 Nov 2012