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Andrew Findlay

Andrew Findlay is a Vancouver Island-based journalist whose pieces have appeared in the Vancouver Sun and many other publications.

Stories by Andrew Findlay


Chief Leads Resurgent Homalco First Nation

Refusing to be ‘swept under the carpet, Chief Blaney won judgment against fish farming.

By Andrew Findlay, 5 Apr 2005


Private Forests: One Town’s Clearcut Dilemma

Surrounded by trees owned by a global firm, Cumberland wants to buy a few before they’re gone.

By Andrew Findlay, 10 Jan 2005


'A Lot of Need Here'

B.C. health pros who give of themselves in Guatemala face persistent poverty and doubts about ‘medical tourism.’

By Andrew Findlay, 23 Dec 2004


Eco-Funding Crisis Grips B.C.

TYEE SPECIAL REPORT Big donors are drastically cutting back on green giving, throwing a scare into B.C. non-profits. Half of them fear they'll fold.

By Andrew Findlay, 16 Jun 2004


$73 Million Crown Land Sell-off Revs Up

As the government sells public lands to private developers across B.C., angry locals say they're cut out of the deals.

By Andrew Findlay, 26 Mar 2004


Fighting to Keep a Fish Farm at Bay

People around Bute Inlet three years ago resoundingly rejected salmon farms. But the pushy provincial government, they say, doesn't know the meaning of 'no.'

By Andrew Findlay, 12 Jan 2004