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2010 Olympics

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Laura Robinson's Defamation Suit against John Furlong Wraps

Judge weighs unusual case of freelancer suing focus of her story.

By Bob Mackin, 27 Jun 2015


Furlong Grilled on Who He Sued and Why

As defence opens against Robinson defamation suit, feisty exchanges.

By Bob Mackin, 23 Jun 2015


Furlong's Comments about Journalist Harmed Her Career, Lawyer Argues

Laura Robinson's defamation trial against ex Olympics CEO starts this week.

By Bob Mackin, 16 Jun 2015


Is the Women's World Cup the Right Place to Talk about Missing Women?

'I'm 100 per cent behind women stepping in and using this as a platform': Retired player.

By Bob Mackin, 30 Jan 2015


Secretive VANOC Finally Shuts Its Books

Public must wait 'til 2025 for Olympic organizer to reveal full dealings.

By Bob Mackin, 4 Jul 2014


'Take the Games, Please!' a Coming Olympic Motto?

IOC rethinks the five-ring circus, but doesn't ask Vancouver for much input.

By Bob Mackin, 31 May 2014


Toronto's Pan Am 2015 reaches to Vancouver for security

By Bob Mackin, 17 Mar 2014


Sniper Stadium: Police Turn BC Place into a Gun Range

Training for VPD, others is evidence of local police militarization: expert.

By Bob Mackin, 15 Feb 2014


Don't Laugh at Sochi, Vancouver Had Its Own Problems

Five 2010 Olympic messes that shouldn't be forgotten.

By Bob Mackin, 13 Feb 2014


For Sochi's Women Ski Jumpers, Equality at Last

The long slog to include the sport in the Games began in Canada.

By Bob Mackin, 12 Feb 2014


Five Predictions for Sochi's Five-Ring Circus

Terrorist threat? Overblown. Canadian glory? Also inflated. Over to you, Russia.

By Bob Mackin, 7 Feb 2014


Please Advise! Putin Stumped by Vancouver's Putin-Free Games

So cheap! So gay! So dissent-y! How'd we do it, Russia's leader asks Burgess.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Feb 2014


Mounties Sunk by US Lawsuit Judgment

RCMP on hook for millions of dollars in 2010 Olympics cruise ship spat.

By Bob Mackin, 10 Sep 2013


Olympics May Yet Spur Callaghan Valley Development

Whistler Sports Legacies runs venues built for 2010 Games, imagines a 'Nordic Park' hotel complex.

By Bob Mackin, 31 Aug 2013


Was Cybersnooping the Secret Event of 2010 Olympics?

It happened in the US. So The Tyee put the question to telecom officials, police.

By Bob Mackin, 24 Aug 2013


Demands grow for return of Winter Olympics to Vancouver

By Crawford Kilian, 7 Aug 2013


PG News Archive Says Furlong Left Canada Amidst Death Threats

A later Prince George story has Furlong claiming 'I played in Olympics twice.'

By Bob Mackin, 30 Jul 2013


EXCERPT: When Vancouver won the Olympic bid

By Bob Mackin, 2 Jul 2013


Media report counters official explanation of luge death

By Andrew Mitchell, 18 Jan 2013


Georgia Straight files defence against Furlong defamation lawsuit

By Bob Mackin, 14 Jan 2013