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Tyee Poll: What Does the Future of Work Look Like?

By now, you’ve probably heard some version or another of a new technology changing the way a job is done — whether it’s a pizza-flipping android or a self-driving taxi. But automation isn’t the only force du jour in the modern work world.

Sure, robots might be chomping at the bit to take on new tasks, but we are also facing a job market that increasingly offers precarious work and disruptive technologies that change the face of entire industries. One could be excused for thinking the future of work is uncertain, to say the least.

Are we heading toward a life of job-stealing robots, or will fresh ideas mean better opportunities for all workers? With new ways of working being imagined and new policy options on the table — from universal basic income to increased security for self-employed people — the future of work could be more about re-envisioning how we define it than about fending off the rise of the robots.

On May 25, The Tyee is hosting (In)secure: The Future of Working, a Tyee Beyond the Headlines Event. We’ll spend the evening with speakers as they mull the changing nature of working in Canada. We hope to see you there — and we’d love to hear your take on the future of work, whether you can make it or not.

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